With dxFeed Java API you can start receiving your market quotes writing only several lines of code:

// create subscription for a specific event type on default feed
DXFeedSubscription<Quote> sub = DXFeed.getInstance().createSubscription(Quote.class);
// define listener for events
sub.addEventListener(new DXFeedEventListener<Quote>() { 
    public void eventsReceived(List<Quote> events) { 
        for (Quote quote : events) 
// add symbols to start receiving events
sub.addSymbols("IBM", "GOOG", "AAPL", "SPY");

See also dxFeed API tutorial series in our blog.

We run sample demo feed to try out our API over Internet with realistic market data event timing, frequency and generated prices and sizes.

For detailed documentation please refer to docs.dxfeed.com.

Download APIs and code samples in our dxFeed APIS section.