dxFeed Viewer offers dynamic market data visualization through a suite of widgets, supporting a comprehensive range of dxFeed events:

  • Quotes: Bid/ask prices
  • Trades: Last sale information
  • Summaries: OHCL, Previous Close, Open Interest
  • Profiles: Description, Trading Halts
  • Orders: Price levels or full order book
  • Time and Sale: Detailed transaction data
  • Greeks + IV, TheoPrice: Options analytics
  • Candle Data: Charting data
dxFeed Viewer Screen

Users can personalize their data experience with four key widgets: WatchList, Order Book, Simple Chart, and Time and Sales, each equipped with UI elements for tailored data point selection. Designed for easy customization, dxFeed Viewer streamlines data for optimal user engagement.

Try dxFeed Viewer
You can install dxFeed dynamic market data visualization terminal to check dxFeed market data.