Tamara Magel
MD Planning & Control
About Tamara

Tamara Magel is the Managing Director of dxFeed Germany’s subsidiary. She leads the Planning & Control department. Despite exceptionally challenging circumstances last year, she managed to motivate every person on the dxFeed team to achieve incredible results.

Tamara actively participated in the essential dxFeed business projects. This included launching a set of crypto data delivery projects with Lukka, other clients (Benzinga), and dxFeed Trust Center. The launch aimed to centralize resources and address compliance and security for clients’ self-service exploration and delivery.

  • Joined dxFeed in 2016
  • 18+ years in IT development, project and delivery management
  • Heads up global planning & control
  • Leads compliance & control certifications
  • Addressing architectural challenges
  • Held previous roles at Motorola, Yota, and the Devexperts Group

Feel free to reach out to Tamara on any social media platform, or you can also contact us through our website.