About dxFeed

Headquartered in Munich, Germany, dxFeed’s primary focus is the delivery of market data and services to buy-side and sell-side institutions of the global financial industry, specifically to traders, data analysts, quants and portfolio managers.

dxFeed serves over 6 million end-users globally through direct and B2B2C relationships. Data services are streamed to approximately 200,000 end-clients simultaneously, delivering financial information for more than 1.7 million instruments (equities, futures, options, indices, FX, cryptocurrencies, etc.) from a variety of exchanges in North America, Europe, and around the world.


dxFeed used their own environment to host and deliver market data and services to their customers. However, due to the expansion of their services, dxFeed decided to set up an additional ticker plant based on third-party cloud storage. Its aim was to deliver the best service to major brokers that require permanent uptime, flawless performance of all services, and security. Therefore, dxFeed demanded a reliable hosting partner to maintain their reputation as the most trouble-proof market data provider.


At first dxFeed only considered the most reliable companies, such as AWS, Microsoft, and Google, but eventually Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud was a natural choice due to their speed and security of data handling. The AWS cloud allows to store, process, and deliver data to dxFeed customers quickly, securely, and continuously.

“We host the cloud part of our infrastructure in AWS in addition to low-latency collocations in 6 top-tier data centers in the US and Europe. We utilize AWS Direct Connect to deliver data to our cloud setup. We have even more tools to deliver completed projects for clients of all sizes. Our clients can leverage the cloud to speed up time to market, increase agility and keep costs down, all while safeguarding their data,” said Oleg Solodukhin, CEO at dxFeed.

The AWS cloud facilitates dxFeed with the best service through:

  • Secure storage of 500+TB of compressed data, which take up to 3+Pb uncompressed
  • Daily acquisition of 350GB of data per second
  • Delivery of 5,000,000 quotes per second
  • Low latency, varying from 10 microseconds to 10 milliseconds

dxFeed bases its tick-level market replay services on the computational power of the AWS cloud. The cloud brings virtually unlimited capacity and scalability for the millisecond time-stamped tick data storage. These services are also fully scalable for future growth (including the number of simultaneous client connections).


dxFeed has built one of the most comprehensive ticker plants in the world in the AWS cloud, which provides for:

  • Low latency and high throughput of market data handling and delivery
  • Provision of market data to various market segments
  • Safety and security of all provided services
  • Scalability of infrastructure and tools for projects of all sizes
  • The broadest range of data services currently available by a single company in its space