dxFeed has launched the dxFeed Bixie Index (“BXY”) to measure Bitcoin’s value relative to a selected basket of cryptocurrencies. The Index is based on dxFeed’s methodology. The launch comes as part of the company’s plans to expand its index products list in the foreseeable future.

As dxFeed announced at the beginning of the year, it started a sequence of research projects, launching its indexes this year. The first is the dxFeed Bixie Index, a U.S. Dollar Index (“USDX”) crypto-twin. Bixie measures Bitcoin’s value relative to a selected basket of over a hundred cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin’s value (expressed in percent) is measured in other cryptocurrencies proportionally to their importance in the crypto ecosystem, as indicated by the actual traded volume.

Bixie is a step away from the dollar-centric valuations of crypto assets. It strives to provide a Bitcoin value estimate exclusively in terms of other cryptocurrencies. dxFeed leverages its access to large volumes of market data to derive accurate parameter estimates.

dxFeed started its Index Management business line by creating indices for the Small Exchange, Miami Exchange, and Susquehanna International in 2020. “Our professional quant team has grown and strengthened. We constantly conduct our own research. This allows us to create a unique methodology to calculate indices. dxFeed also leverages its access to large amounts of historical data to provide accurate estimates of index parameters,” said Oleg Solodukhin, CEO of dxFeed.

The company plans to launch its second index, the dxFeed Honest Gold Index, next month.

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