dxFeed expanded its offering with the Cboe EDGX Summary Depth market data feed. This offering provides traders, brokerage firms, and information portals with comprehensive access to real-time market data from Cboe Global Markets’ EDGX Equities Exchange.

Cboe operates a network of equities exchanges around the globe. In 2023, Cboe’s four U.S. equities exchanges, which include EDGX Exchange, handled more than $60 billion in combined average daily notional value.

Cboe EDGX Summary Depth provides depth-of-book quotations and execution information for EDGX Exchange and presents a Price Level Book that aggregates five levels of market data on each side. This rich and consolidated information empowers users to make informed decisions and react quickly to market dynamics.

“Cboe’s equities exchanges are among the most liquid in the world. By incorporating Cboe EDGX data into our clients‘ market analysis, we help them gain deeper insights into market trends and seize profitable opportunities”, said Oleg Solodukhin, CEO at dxFeed.

One of the standout features of dxFeed’s offering of Cboe EDGX Summary Depth is its exceptionally affordable licensing structure. The Digital Media Enterprise License is priced at just $7,500 per month. For this fee, information portals can display the price level book information on public websites for an unlimited number of viewers. This licensing solution makes dxFeed the ideal choice for information portals seeking cost-effective market data solutions.

Additionally, Cboe EDGX Summary Depth offers a pricing advantage for non-professional users. The per-user cost for Non-Professionals is over 30 times lower (the fee is only $0.15 per month for Summary Depth, compared to $5 per month for Depth). Cboe EDGX Summary Depth available through dxFeed enables users to access critical market information without breaking the bank. This makes the offering the ultimate indicative data feed for brokerage start-ups.

Furthermore, the early trading session offered by Cboe EDGX starts at 4 am Eastern Time. Through Cboe EDGX Summary Depth, users can observe real prices and price levels in the pre-market period. This extended trading window also enables traders to make better-informed decisions and capitalize on early market movements.

“We’ve recently announced bringing the robust Cboe Australia Market Data to a wider audience through dxFeed infrastructure,” said Cboe’s Cathy Clay, Executive Vice President, Digital and Data Solutions. “Now, we’re happy to expand our collaboration with dxFeed through the Cboe EDGX Summary Depth. We believe this initiative will facilitate greater access to the world’s market for investors”.