dxFeed announced integrating its comprehensive range of indices into the Refinitiv platform. This integration marks a significant milestone in dxFeed’s journey to improve accessibility and insights for financial professionals and investors worldwide.

As part of this collaboration, dxFeed’s indices will be seamlessly visible across Refinitiv’s suite of financial services, including their widely-used Eikon platform. This integration also provides users with deeper market insights, empowering them with more data-driven decision-making and a broader understanding of financial markets.

Key highlights of the dxFeed indices integration on Refinitiv:

  1. Refinitiv Identification Code (RIC) Generation: dxFeed now offers the capability to generate Refinitiv Identification Codes (RIC) upon request. RICs facilitate efficient data retrieval and enable users to easily access dxFeed’s indices through Refinitiv’s platforms and services.
  2. Custom Indices Upload: In addition to dxFeed’s proprietary indices, users will have access to the indices created for dxFeed’s customers and partners. This feature ensures valuable financial instruments are readily available to Refinitiv’s extensive user base.

The current list of dxFeed indices available on Refinitiv includes:

  1. .BXYDX: dxFeed Bixie index™
  2. .HAUDX: dxFeed Honest Gold index™
  3. .COSMDX: dxFeed Crypto Ortho 500 index™

“This integration with Refinitiv is a momentous achievement for dxFeed, as it expands our reach and reinforces our commitment to provide cutting-edge market data solutions to the financial industry”, said Anton Antonov, Head of Index Management and Quantitative Research at dxFeed. “By making our indices accessible on Refinitiv’s platforms, we aim to empower financial professionals with unique data-driven insights, enabling them to make informed decisions and drive better outcomes for themselves and their clients”.

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