dxFeed Orion MT is a 3rd Generation front-end platform that provides access to global markets with ability to trade any electronically traded financial asset including futures, options, equities*, forex* & crypto* at their chosen broker.

dxFeed Orion Trading Terminal

Platform highlights for traders

  • Monitor the markets effortlessly
    Plot your favorite technical indicators with dxFeed Orion MT’s advanced charts. Track all the markets with real-time streaming quotes. High-quality real-time data provided by dxFeed.
  • Intuitive trade execution
    Easy order management directly from Charts, Price Ladder or Quotes. Fast 1-click strategy trading.
  • Powerful order types
    Trailing stops. Smart trailing stops. Break-outs. Conditional Orders: OCO’s, OTO’s.
  • Comprehensive reporting
    Our reports allow you to track your portfolio accurately and in real-time.
  • Powerful analysis tools
    Our portfolio analysis tools let you stay on top of your risk.
  • Key market information
    Research. News. Be an informed trader.
  • Automated trading
    Design, execute and manage automated order strategies with ease. No programming required.
  • Simulated trading
    Sharpen your trading skills with our simulated trading environment.
  • Custom Solutions
    Build your proprietary trading system or ask us how we can help.

Orion Trading Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of SU2 Systems Inc. SU2 is a US-based financial technology company headquartered in Lansing, Michigan. The company is offering a suite of innovative software solutions for investors and investment professionals.

* – coming soon