dxFeed has participated in SIFMA’s Industry-Wide Business Continuity (BC) and FIA’s Disaster Recovery (DR) tests in October 2022. Both tests have confirmed the company’s high-quality DR systems connection and its top-notch capability to provide market data even in a significant emergency.

SIFMA, the leading trade association in the U.S. and global capital markets, conducted the Industry-wide tests for 2022. It’s a critical exercise highlighting the financial industry’s ability to operate during a significant emergency using industry-wide backup sites, recovery facilities, and backup communications capabilities. The scope of participation for test entities is detailed in the Summary of Components document, which lists all participating test entities, the scope of their testing, environment they are operating out of, points of contact for advance planning, and pretesting opportunities.

“The successful test underscores the ability of the securities industry to operate through adverse conditions. SIFMA and its members remain diligent and focused on cybersecurity efforts to protect clients, data, networks, and operations from diverse cyber threats, including theft, disruption, and destruction,” said Tom Price, managing director and head of technology, operations, and business continuity for SIFMA.

On the same day, October 15, 2022, the Futures Industry Association (FIA) led the 2022 Disaster Recovery Exercise, an annual coordinated effort to test primary and backup site communications to and from derivatives exchanges and clearinghouses. This annual test coordinates dozens of disaster recovery and business continuity teams across the cleared derivatives ecosystem. And this year, it helped many firms, including dxFeed, test their systems efficiently and effectively in a single day. 

dxFeed successfully took part in both tests and proved that the firm can operate even while suffering a significant emergency. Moreover, these exercises helped check the functioning of the tools used during various emergencies, including backup sites, recovery facilities, and backup communications capabilities.

During the test, dxFeed customers continued to connect to their usual feed endpoints used in production. The firm redirected connections over Disaster Recovery (DR) paths and circuits internally. Customers were encouraged to use their Business Continuity Plan (BCP), DR data centers, and secondary network providers and circuits to test for possible firewall and routing issues when connecting to dxFeed endpoints.

“Our customers had the opportunity to test their DR systems for connections to dxFeed and their ability to receive data,” said Oleg Solodukhin, CEO at dxFeed. “We also internally tested connections to DR data centers/types of exchanges, checked how all the systems work, and found a few growth points. We will move in that direction so switching to DR feeds becomes more straightforward and understandable for operations.”

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