Data services


Historical Data Lake is a centralized storage repository that holds vast amounts of raw historical data in
the unified data format. It allows for the historical analysis of this data, enabling businesses and users to
detect patterns, trends, and insights to drive strategic decisions.

dxFeed has built a completely new high-performance dxFeed Data Lake platform to serve as a foundation
for the future generations of its historical data platform and retail data shop. Using the latest technologies will significantly accelerate historical data access for Institutional customers.

dxFeed Data Lake can receive data of any nature from external and internal sources (market data, corporate actions, fundamentals, metadata).

Available data

  • Market data (all market events from 100+ exchanges)
  • Value-added calculated data (Options Analytics, Greeks, indices)
  • Historical charting data
  • Fundamental data and corporate events
  • News data
  • Instrument profiles with the support of the instrument’s history
  • Decentralized exchange data for the supported blockchains and protocols (swaps, liquidity events,
    and fees)

Historical Data Lake Benefits

  • Supports structured and unstructured data ingestion from any source
  • Catalogs and indexes data for analysis separately from the main dataset
  • Stores, secures, and protects data at unlimited scale
  • Makes the data immediately available in convenient formats for data shops and analysis
  • Connects data with analytics and machine learning tools