Tick-level market data replay service is a powerful tool for historical insight and model back-testing. Choose any subset of instruments, venues and time periods and play a historical market as if it was a real-time market. It is a “time machine” function: set the start time (with up to a millisecond’s precision) and replay speed. The replay starts immediately as the data is streamed directly from the cloud to the end user.

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Present market data rates are very high and official forecasts indicate that volumes are nearly doubling each year. This makes it increasingly difficult and costly to store tick data as it necessitates the parsing, indexing and storing of enormous volumes of raw data measuring in petabytes. dxFeed solution utilizes the power of cloud computing to address the complexity of this problem and brings virtually unlimited capacity and scalability for the millisecond time-stamped tick data storage.

We eliminate the need for hefty investments in infrastructure, such as co-location space and power, and provide the necessary elastic storage and computing power from day one. Our solution is fully scalable for future growth (including the number of simultaneous client connections).

Our historical data services provide

  • Direct feed capture
  • Unlimited capacity for data storage
  • High redundancy of storage ensuring service availability and resiliency
  • Data security and privacy – no client data is stored in or transferred to the cloud
  • Seamless technology integration
  • Instantaneous access times – under 1 second full day extraction time, under 400 microsecond full book snapshot access time.

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Why dxFeed market data

High-Quality Real-Time
Market Data
Data depth back to 1998
Flexible configuration of data sets
Multiple data delivery options
Tick level resolution
Dedicated support 24×7
Resilience and reliability
Customer data security
Scalability and performance

Data pool

dxFeed real-time market delivery data network is a global set of servers that are hosted in primary locations and are connected to exchanges.
3+ PB
of data
added daily


Leading international financial institutions are choosing dxFeed as their primary provider of choice for market data and related services.

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