dxFeed has launched its own Chainlink oracle node on mainnet to make premium financial market data available directly on leading blockchain networks. Developers and dApps can now access a broad range of high-quality financial data, including on-demand, real-time, and historical market prices about a wide range of assets including cryptocurrencies, equities, indices, forex, and more.

dxFeed is creating new and unique indices and real-time datasets for digital assets to grow the breadth of opportunities that can be built on top. New instruments representing asset portfolios, volatility, volumes, sentiment, and many more data sets will be potentially published through this node and can be adapted to create opportunistic trades, hedges or other on-chain DeFi and DEX trading products not yet seen or in operation.

dxFeed has joined the next innovation in data distribution with Web3-enabled access through Chainlink, because it is the largest data distribution protocol across all major blockchains, with dxFeed present on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

Selected content is now available via the dxFeed node to power a new generation of smart contracts and other on-chain decentralized applications to create innovative financial instruments and services. Currently, dxFeed Node publishes selected cryptocurrency price feeds and equites, with a rapid rollout of new instruments expected in the near future.

dxFeed focuses on delivering the data requested by platforms and consumers in this ecosystem and invites all such participants to contact dxFeed to request any data you may wish to have published via our Node.

dxFeed has a long history of expertise in understanding and navigating the complex traditional market (contractual and technological set of environments), and has endeavored to find the correct way to present this content to its Node clients. dxFeed understands why and how the users need this content to be made available and has been proactive in meeting this need.

We want to take some time to explain the importance of this moment and place it in the broader context of where Fintech specifically, and finance in general, appear to be heading. Please look at the article ‘Traditional Financial Data, Coming to a Blockchain Near You.’

dxFeed Node on Chainlink

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