Give your clients instant market alerts

dxFeed Alert Service gives traders an edge by instantly notifying them when significant market events occur. Set up an alert for the desired instrument using one of the many pre-defined indicators, or build your own custom criteria to catch up on events right as they happen.

dxFeed Alert Service works via REST API under a SaaS license.

Why dxFeed Alert Service?

Seamless integration with applications via REST API
Simple alert notification integration with your application via WebSocket protocol
Powerful proprietary scripting language
Extensive configuration options
Unbeatable coverage
Cloud-based infrastructure

A powerful instrument for traders

Pre-configured alerts

Multiple data points for the most popular alert types – all ready to go

Custom alerts

Customize alerts based on your own indicators via dxScript – a proprietary time-series language

Straightforward usage

Alerts are easy to create and configure via REST API

Multiple alert criteria

Market data symbols, Corporate actions, option expiration, alert expiration, reference data symbols

Easy market data access

REST API allows alert setup for the entire market data universe

Build your own market data alerting tool

Choose regions

US, EU, Turkey, Worldwide
Direct market data feeds from various exchanges worldwide. We can add more data upon request.

Choose instrument types

Equities, Options, ETFs, Indices, Forex & Crypto
Low latency data feeds for all major asset classes through dxFeed servers located in closest proximity to exchanges.

Choose data sources

Live feeds, options analytics, fundamentals & indicators
Analyze tick and aggregated data provided by dxFeed (live feeds, options analytics, fundamentals & indicators) or power it up with your own data.

Choose indicators

SMA, EMA, WMA, MACD, RSI, CCI, Stochastic Full, etc.
An extensive range of market standard technical indicators built on historical or real-time data, market indicators, options parameters (such as Greeks, IV, and theoretical option prices), and underlying fundamentals. You can also build your own indicators with dxFeed Alert Service scripting language.