dxFeed widgets is a set of embeddable or standalone web applications that provide an interface for market data visualization and technical analysis. Widgets available for delivery include:

  • Market Data
  • Market Overview
  • Сhart
  • TickerCard

dxFeed can also create additional functionalities on-demand.

All widgets are turnkey solutions as they are hosted in-house, natively fuelled by the dxFeed market data, and we take care of all the integration. They have been created with customization in mind, allowing flexible UI settings (color, fonts, etc.). They can also be powered by other market data sources and embedded into iframe. Use them on any device with various screen resolutions.

Market Data Widget

The Market Data widget provides an overview of global market performance, including change value (absolute and percentage numbers) and Open, High, Low, and Close values for the selected financial instrument.

It displays a symbol with current data, including symbol data, events, profile, trade, quote, summary and candle. Each instrument comes with configurable columns and their number is variable. Market Data allows users to sort instruments by name.

It also provides information about trade sessions, including current status, timetables, last event time, last trading day date, and the trading calendar with all non-working days. The Market Data widget is updated in real-time without preliminary aggregation.

Limited demo display. Data delayed at least by 15 min. See disclaimer.

Market Overview

The Market Overview widget provides a glance at the latest market activity across various sectors. It also displays value changes for preset periods. It offers a performance overview of primary stocks/pairs/indices (asset classes configured on the client’s side).

Market Overview displays a top of symbols for one or multiple asset classes and has configurable fields. The widget has a line chart for a selected instrument that shows data for various periods (configurable for your customers). Market Overview also allows you to search instruments by ticker and description. Instruments are only limited by the number of symbols you’ve requested.

Limited demo display. Data delayed at least by 15 min. See disclaimer.

Chart Widget

The Chart widget is a charting solution with various instruments and technical analysis indicators. It comes with a full-screen mode and is the most advanced chart among our others by far. The chart is very helpful in identifying trends. The widget displays data according to the user’s preference (candles, area, line, etc.). It also provides chart drawing tools such as the Fibonacci arc.

All data visualization (color, thickness, etc.) and technical analysis indicators (RSI, etc.) are configurable. Magnet mode makes drawing with Chart comfortable and convenient. Embedding the Symbol Search widget can also boost the functionality of the Chart.


Limited demo display. Data delayed at least by 15 min. See disclaimer.


TickerCard Widget

TickerCard widget functions as an information card for any instrument, providing a brief overview of the most pertinent details. It can also be used to navigate across available symbols.

Limited demo display. Data delayed at least by 15 min. See disclaimer.