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To: Cboe Europe subscribers

Following Cboe Europe Brexit plan, we will support new NL venue (DXE). All customers that receive market data from CXE, BXE and TRF venues will be automatically entitled to the DXE market data. We are preparing the following changes:

  1. Starting September 15, 2019, dxFeed will add all new symbols of the new DXE venue. Symbols will have a “:CEUX” namespace.
  2. Starting October 1, 2019, DXE will go live and DXE-symbols will start being traded. Respective legacy symbols will not be traded on BXE and CXE after that date. Symbols that are not going to migrate (i.e. UK and Swiss equities) will remain as is.
  3. On October 10, 2019, we will remove legacy symbols for those instruments that migrated to DXE. 


Effective Date
Legacy symbols will be removed from dxFeed market data feeds on October 10, 2019. Please subscribe to new symbols prior to this date.

If you have any questions concerning these changes, please contact