As a strategic data advisor, dxFeed fully believes in and supports the Goracle mission to liberate the information potential of Algorand. We do this by powering the ecosystem with robust, high-quality data. With impressive experience working with traditional data and financial markets, dxFeed is happy to add value by sharing its professional expertise.

Goracle is the first decentralized oracle network on the Algorand blockchain. In September 2021, Goracle won the Encode Hackathon, and since has been building a next-generation oracle solution on the Algorand blockchain. Goracle plans to release functions like VRF, Price Pair data, Sports data and off-chain computation ability, just to name a few.

“It’s crucial for us to be involved in developing the crypto world. Alongside Goracle, we have exciting plans to make the usual forex, commodities, indices, and sometimes stocks available, but we also want to bring things the crypto market hasn’t thought about yet into the DeFi environment,” said Dmitrii Parilov, Managing Director at dxFeed.

dxFeed will advise Goracle’s technical team on how to most effectively format the data that Goracle obtains for the dApps on the Algorand blockchain. Goracle believes that making an industry-standard data format will allow for quicker and easier adoption, growth, and usage of data for new and old projects. dxFeed will also provide Goracle with sources for new data that the dApps will then utilize.