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We released dxFeed C# API 5.2.1 to improve its functionality and simplify its usage. In this version, we synchronized all events with dxFeed Java API, fixed a crush and made minor changes in fields’ names.

New version of dxFeed C# API is already available. Please contact if you have any questions.


Event Change List

Common changes:

  • EventFlags, PriceType, TimeAndSaleType and Scope have been moved from com.dxfeed.api.event to
  • Direction, ShortSaleRestriction, Side and TradingStatus have been added to They are counterparts to enums from Java API package.
  • All DxString-typed fields have been changed to string type. DxString has been removed.
  • All Flags properties have been renamed to RawFlags for all events. Bit content of raw flags is considered implementation detail and is not documented.
  • IndexedEvent has been renamed to IDxIndexedEvent.
  • LastingEvent has been renamed to IDxLastingEvent.
  • TimeSeriesEvent has been renamed to IDxTimeSeriesEvent.
  • IDxTradeEth have been renamed to IDxTradeETH.


  • Fields Sequence and TimeNanoPart have been added.
  • Fields TickDirection and IsEctendedTradingHours have been added.


  • Fields Time, Sequence and TimeNanoPart have been added.


  • Fields DayClosePriceType and PrevDayClosePriceType have been added.


  • Field Eps has been renamed to EPS.
  • Field FreeFloat has been added.
  • Fields ShortSaleRestriction and TradingStatus have been added.

IDxOrder and IDxSpreadOrder

  • Field TimeNanoPart has been added.
  • Field level has been removed, use scope instead.


  • Field IsTrade has been renamed to IsETHTrade.
  • Field trade_through_exempt has been added.
  • Fields buyer and seller have been added. These fields are available at limited number of markets.


  • Deprecated field DateTime has been removed.


  • Field GreeksPrice has been renamed to Price.
  • Fields MaxSequence and Sequence have been removed.


  • All Theo prefixes have been removed from properties.


  • Field Version has been added.
  • Field Attachment type has been changed to string.