dxFeed Java API version 3.297 with improvements is already available.


  • Fixed an issue with InstrumentProfileReader failing on IPF service request with compression
  • Fixed an issue with  hanging RMI requests
  • Added default FRED schedule
  • Removed 20210403 holiday from US-BOND holiday list
  • Prototype of QD scheme configuration via machine readable schema file
    • Turned off by default. To turn it on, use “-Dscheme=ext:dxfeed” or other “ext:” specification.
  • dxFeed API now uses “wide” mode by default
    • dxFeed API now behaves by default as if JVM parameter “-Ddxscheme.wide=true” was set.
    • Old default behavior may be restored by running JVM with “-Ddxscheme.wide=false” parameter.
  • Updated year to 2021 in copyright


Please refer to dxFeed Help Desk if you have any questions or concerns.