dxFeed in partnership with Blue Ocean Technologies, the parent of Alternative Trading System, Blue Ocean ATS, introduces the launch of a unique data feed product to offer market-depth insights during out-of-trading hours.

This cutting-edge data feed provides pricing information for US Equities during out-of-market hours, significantly enhancing trading capabilities for Asian, Australian, European, and US investors looking for unique insights into pre-market sessions.

Key features of the dxFeed + Blue Ocean Feed:

  1. Available in Original and Derived (License-Free) form:
    • dxFeed offers both options — original and derived data feeds for Blue Ocean data, making the product available for all customer use cases: Regular and CFD brokerages, analytics portals, and hedge funds.  

  2. Out Of Market Trading Hours:
    • Operating from 8 pm to 4 am EST, The Blue Ocean feed facilitates a 24-hour continuous ATS source market for RegNMS securities in the US.

  3. Earliest premarket after the weekend:
    • The market opens at 8 pm on Sundays, providing the first premarket prices in the world for US Equities after the weekend, reflecting all news that happened over the weekend.

  4. Impressive Growth and Adoption:
    • This feed popularity is experiencing significant growth, with a volume surge, particularly from Asia-based retail brokers contributing new order flow. Market makers are actively participating, offering decent liquidity for over 1,000 tickers.

  5. Comprehensive Coverage:
    • Encompassing the entire universe of RegNMS-eligible securities, The Blue Ocean feed provides extensive coverage for investors seeking detailed market insights.

  6. Noteworthy Performance Metrics (February 2024):
    • Average Daily Volume: 18 million shares
    • $659 million single session high notional volume 
    • Trades for 4,688 unique tickers
    • A total of 4.139 million executions

dxFeed offers the following products based on Blue Ocean datafeed:

  • Original Level 1 (L1) and Market Depth for 8pm-4am ET
  • Derived data feed for indicative pricing 
  • 24-hour license-free Composite dxFeed data feed for US Stocks

Commenting on the launch, John Willock, Head of Strategy of Blue Ocean Technologies, stated, “These new data feeds represent a paradigm shift in market data accessibility. By providing unprecedented insights during out-of-trading hours, we empower traders with a continuous ATS source, fostering informed decision-making. Our partnership with dxFeed further solidifies our commitment to delivering innovative solutions to the financial industry.”

About Blue Ocean Technologies:
Blue Ocean Technologies, LLC (BOT) is a unique capital markets fintech company empowering global investors by making trading possible during US overnight trading hours. Blue Ocean ATS, LLC, and its trading system Blue Ocean Alternative Trading System (BOATS), currently trade US National Market System (NMS) stocks from 8:00 pm to 4:00 am ET from Sunday – Thursday. Operational since 2021, Blue Ocean ATS is on a mission to transform US trading to Global trading via its flagship service, Blue Ocean Session, providing access and transparency to subscribers in all time zones during non-traditional US market hours. For more information, visit www.blueocean-tech.io or contact us at sales@blueoceanats.com.

Blue Ocean Technologies Media Contact: press@blueocean-tech.io

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