Release Notes – QD – Version 3.240
** Change Request
QD-856: RecordBuffer may contain non-zero values beyond limit
QD-875: dxFeed API: add method DXEndpoint.disconnectAndClear
** Defect Report
QD-874: ExecutionManager must be removed from HashMap, when the RMIChannel is closed
Release Notes – QD – Version 3.239
** Change Request
QD-871: dxFeedScheme: MarketMaker shall contain counts of individual orders
** Defect Report
QD-862: DXFeed API Ignores exceptions thrown from DXFeedEventListener.eventsReceived
QD-866: Logged agent must log subscription going through addSubscriptionPart
QD-868: Agent aggregation period does not work properly with socket connectors
QD-869: NoSuchElementException in ClientSocketSource.getLocalAddresses(), local-address priority fails silently
QD-870: dxFeed API: IPF: Error reading empty lines in some cases.
** Improvement
QD-867: TextQTPParser shall understand date-only time specification history subscription
Release Notes – QD – Version 3.238
** Change Request
QD-832: QD RMI Shall have ability to limit default Java Serialization to a white-list of classes
QD-857: dxFeedScheme: OpenInterest field in Fundamental record shall be limited to composite only
** Defect Report
QD-861: Deadlock between QDEndpoint$Lock in RMIEndpointImpl.getRMILoadBalancerFactory and ClientSideServices lock in RMIClientImpl.removeConnection
Release Notes – QD – Version 3.237
** Change Request
QD-848: dxFeed API: Add and update rounding methods in PriceIncrements
QD-849: Tools: Instrument tool performance option shall work for read option.
QD-850: Schedule: add system property to control cache limit
QD-852: dxFeed API: Summary shall contain PrevDayVolume (composite only) and OpenInterest shall be limited to composite only.
QD-854: dxFeed API: Order shall contain count of individual orders
** Defect Report
QD-843: ConcurrentModificationException in MARSScheduler.cancel
QD-851: BUG FIX: current message shall be properly aborted upon error or session reset
QD-853: RMI: Deadlock between ClientSideServices and QDEndpoint$Lock
Release Notes – QD – Version 3.236
** Change Request
QD-605: RMI Channels
QD-771: Tools: FileWriter shall release completed files as time passes
QD-811: dxFeedViewer: Refactor and commit latest changes in dxfeed-viewer
QD-818: dxFeed API: Support TOS-specific data fields
QD-828: dxFeed API: IPF: Improve performance of reading IPF from file
QD-842: Schedule: update holidays and short days
** Defect Report
QD-535: FileConnector repeatedly tries to read a file that is already deleted or corrupted
QD-825: dxFeed API shall support integer Candle.Count fields in scheme
QD-836: Redundant libs in and dxfeed-webservice.war
QD-838: dxFeed API: OrderBookModel incorrectly processes change of lot size
Release Notes – QD – Version 3.235
** Change Request
QD-809: Dgen: move to DXLIB project group
QD-824: dxFeed API: Make Greeks a TimeSeriesEvent with Time and Sequence.
** Defect Report
QD-823: BUG FIX: IPF: InstrumentProfileConnection does not read instruments from old services.
Release Notes – QD – Version 3.234
** Defect Report
QD-816: Event flags are not sent over the network connection
** Improvement
QD-817: DXFeed API: make all executor threads “daemon”
Release Notes – QD – Version 3.233
** Change Request
QD-779: Dgen: Javac plugin for automated generation of Description annotations from Javadocs
QD-815: Schedule: update holidays and short days
** Improvement
QD-807: Redirect tests output to separate files on maven build
Release Notes – QD – Version 3.231
** Defect Report
QD-782: BUG FIX: Minor memory leak in OrderBookModel
Release Notes – QD – Version 3.207
** Defect Report
QD-804: Dynamic IPF filter: ipf changes were not applied
QD-820: QD Connectors shall throw exception when ‘)’ is missing in address
QD-822: BUG FIX: dxFeed API: Symbol attributes mishandled for regional symbols.
Release Notes – QD – Version 3.206
** Defect Report
QD-812: Post tool does not wait for protocol descriptors (event flags are not sent immediately after connection establishment)
QD-813: Writing objects to BYTE_ARRAY fields fails
QD-814: Some dxFeed samples are failing when trying to addEventListener
Release Notes – QD – Version 3.205
** Change Request
QD-801: QDS API: Introduce RecordCursor.Owner.setAs(RecordCursor) method
QD-802: QDS Message connectors shall report “connectors_closed” rate to MARS
** Defect Report
QD-808: Event flags are not sent immediately after connection establishment (random effect)
Release Notes – QD – Version 3.204
** Change Request
QD-709: NIO Connector: Better internal statistics
QD-787: dxFeed REST API: Support requests with timeout=0
QD-788: dxFeed API: Introduce DXFeed.getXXXIfSubscribed methods
QD-791: dxFeed API: Throw IllegalStateException when trying to addEventListener on non-empty and attached DXFeedSubscription
** Defect Report
QD-664: dxFeed API: ConcurrentModificationException during DXEndpoint.close().
QD-775: dxFeed REST API: Memory leak on timed-out events resource request
QD-789: dxFeed API: Subscription change notification for publisher should not be conflated on fast subscription remove/add
QD-792: NPE and connection reset when subscriber use older QD (same scheme)
** Improvement
QD-776: dxFeed REST API shall log “events” requests and responses
QD-794: Use while-guarded LockSupport.park in HistorySnapshotMTStressTest