To: Fundamentals API subscribers

We are happy to announce the addition of documentation to our dxFeed Fundamentals service: the Data Dictionary, which provides you with a comprehensive reference guide for all attributes accessible through the Fundamentals API. You can find it in our Knowledge Base.

What is the Data Dictionary, and why is it essential?
dxFeed Fundamentals service provides a REST API for retrieving fundamental and corporate actions data. The data is collected from multiple sources and normalized to a unified structure for user convenience. The Data Dictionary will help users of the Fundamentals API to:

  • Estimate the landscape of all endpoints provided by the dxFeed Fundamentals service
  • Understand the structure of the data
  • Get detailed descriptions for each data field

We believe the Data Dictionary will enhance your experience with dxFeed Fundamentals API.

Please refer to dxFeed Help Desk if you have any questions or concerns.