Lukka Prime and Reference Data


Lukka Prime and Reference Data

Lukka Prime is the world’s first Fair-Market-Value pricing methodology for crypto assets. It is specifically designed to meet the needs of businesses that require post-trade crypto asset pricing and aligns to GAAP, IFRS, and SEC guidance for accounting and valuation standards.

  • Lukka Prime Intraday
    Gives a near real-time gauge of the market by delivering minute-by-minute asset pricing on a 60 second delay.
  • Lukka Prime Hourly
    Allows for more data capture of minute-by-minute asset prices by reporting on a 60 minute delay.
  • Lukka Prime End of Day
    Ensures maximum accuracy and data capture of minute-by-minute asset pricing by capturing a full day’s trading activity before reporting (T+1 available at 3:30am EST).

Key Differentiators

  • Aligns to new SEC Valuation Framework rules
  • A well-defined and transparent methodology (White Paper)
  • Built and maintained in a SOC Type 2 environment
  • Qualitative and quantitative factors used to determine the primary market (including region, KYC process, liquidity, etc.) at each time interval
  • Prices based on executed trade data and verifiable at any given time
  • Historical pricing coverage starting in 2014
  • Transparency to all underlying data
  • Industry standard for tax, NAV calculations, etc.
  • Manual and automated data quality checks are used to verify final prices


Lukka Reference data

Lukka provides validated crypto master data and mappings to support trading, operations, finance, and audit functions.


Coverage of thousands of tokenized assets (and derivatives)  from 100+ sources (10+ DEX’s) & descriptive data for actively traded crypto assets. New assets are added daily.

Standardized & Normalized

Cleaned, validated, maped, & enriched data for business use and constant monitoring is in place for incremental data changes, or corporate actions.

Institutional Delivery

Lukka Reference Data is available via web and flat files, and institutional-grade API.

Asset class
Fair-Market-Value pricing methodology for crypto assets
550+ assets