ICE Futures U.S.


ICE Futures U.S.

With the heritage dating back to the 1870 founding of the New York Cotton Exchange, ICE Futures U.S. offers agricultural, energy, foreign exchange and equity index futures and options. ICE Futures U.S. direct market data feed provides a diverse range of futures contracts including benchmarks in globally traded soft commodities, North American natural gas and power, equity, indexes and FX.


With a vast product selection, our soft commodity markets offer leading producers in the agriculture industry a way to manage the price risk associated with crop production, weather patterns and changes in supply and demand.

Credit Derivatives

With a history of innovation in the credit derivatives space, we offer a capital-efficient way to trade credit in a regulated futures market.


With the broadest range of North American natural gas and power futures and options, our energy complex includes hundreds of contracts, such as Henry Hub natural gas and ERCOT and PJM power hubs.

Equity Indices

Providing market participants with exposure to price movements of benchmark indices through liquid futures contracts, our equity derivative products include more than 20 MSCI futures.


ICE Futures U.S. offers nearly 60 cross-currency futures contracts, including contracts on several emerging market currencies, and is home to the most widely recognized benchmark for the value of the U.S. dollar.


Our U.S. futures market for precious metals markets have been developed based on customer feedback to provide effective hedging solutions for bankers, jewelers, miners and retail traders.

U.S. Environmental

Environmental risk is an increasingly important component of business operations for energy intensive industries, and the trading of derivatives based on pollution reduction programs is a growing market.

Digital Assets

The digital asset company Bakkt offers trusted, regulated infrastructure to broaden access to this growing asset class for market participants. BakktTM Bitcoin Futures contracts traded on ICE Futures U.S. represent the first futures contracts with CFTC-regulated on-exchange price discovery and physical delivery.

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