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On Saturday, October 15th, 2022, dxFeed will participate in SIFMA’s annual Industry-Wide Business
Continuity (BC) Test and FIA’s Disaster Recovery (DR) Test.

SIFMA and FIA organize these events to test if the industry is able to operate while suffering a significant
emergency. This also tests the tools used during these emergencies including backup sites, recovery
facilities, and backup communications capabilities.

Customers planning to participate in these tests must:

  • Register with SIFMA and/or FIA accordingly
  • Notify dxFeed by October 7th

Participation and testing are optional and done voluntarily.

Technical Details

During the test, customers will continue to connect to their usual feed endpoints used in production. dxFeed will redirect connections over Disaster Recovery (DR) paths and circuits internally. Customers are
encouraged to use their Business Continuity Plan (BCP), DR datacenters, and secondary network providers
and circuits to test for possible firewall and routing issues when connecting to dxFeed endpoints.

dxFeed will perform DR exercises by connecting to multiple participating exchanges and sources and internal DR sites. The data produced by the exchanges during SIFMA and FIA tests won’t be distributed outside of internal dxFeed facilities to dxFeed customers.

dxFeed Contacts

Please use “SIFMA and FIA BC and DR testing 2022” as the subject line for efficient request routing.

Additional Information