dxFeed has launched the dxFeed Crypto Ortho Index also referred as COSM™. The index reflects a selected cryptocurrency portfolio’s market price that minimizes the correlation with the broad stock market.

The portfolio weights are optimized using a custom numerical procedure. Special care is taken to avoid bias (e.g., outlier removal is performed during the index construction) and ensure the index’s statistical properties remain relatively stable after the end of the parameter estimation period. The resulting instrument can therefore be considered an investment alternative to the broad market and may be used in portfolio diversification scenarios.

“Although cryptocurrencies are strongly correlated as an asset class, the index achieves correlation twice as low as the Bitcoin against a broad market index index during certain periods. In my opinion, it’s an impressive result achieved by the dxFeed quant team,” comments Oleg Solodukhin, CEO at dxFeed.

COSM is based on a more general dxFeed Benchmark Orthogonal-Collinear index methodology, which allows to construct similar indices, but for different benchmarks and correlation optimization types.

The firm started its indices pool in the fall of 2022 by introducing dxFeed Bixie, a US Dollar Index (“USDX”) crypto-twin, and dxFeed Honest Gold Index (“HAU”).