dxFeed has launched the dxFeed Honest Gold Index (“HAU”). This index reflects the value of gold priced in the world’s most tradable currencies, is based on dxFeed’s methodology, and represents the second index in the company’s own indices pool. The first is the dxFeed Bixie, a US Dollar Index (“USDX”)1 crypto-twin, launched in October 2022.

In particular, the dxFeed Honest Gold Index measures the value of a long position in gold (expressed in percent). It calculates gold prices in major world currencies, in proportion to their market turnover (as reported by The Bank of International Settlements) and SWIFT transaction volume. The index value is correlated with the USD-denominated gold price but also significantly deviates from it due to FX rate fluctuations.

“Our professional quant team conducted unique detailed research to create the Honest Gold Index. As a result, we have a distinctive methodology that helps reflect the value of a long position in gold measured in global currencies,” said Oleg Solodukhin, CEO at dxFeed. He added that “dxFeed, as a market data provider, has access to large amounts of historical data. This is crucial to provide accurate estimates of our indices’ parameters.”

The firm started its Index Management business line by creating indices for top exchanges and market makers in the US in 2020.

1 A registered trademark of ICE Data Indices, LLC