dxFeed is happy to announce its partnership with Stork, a low-latency price oracle designed for decentralized exchanges.

dxFeed is live as a node operator for Stork’s oracle network. This low-latency price oracle was designed for decentralized exchanges. Stork offers the performance of direct exchange integrations and the reliability of on-chain oracles with distributed web sockets and verifiable signatures. Stork is live on EVM, STARK, and MOVE-compatible chains.

“The dxFeed team is thrilled to be working with Stork. With the massive growth of DeFi, there is a real need for fast access to reliable data. Stork’s architecture was designed for performance and transparency. By partnering with Stork, dxFeed can further its mission to provide actionable data in the digital assets industry,” said Dmitry Parilov, Managing Director of dxFeed.