Logos of oneZero and dxFeed

oneZero Financial Systems, an enterprise trading solutions provider, announced today that dxFeed has joined oneZero’s EcoSystem. dxFeed provides market data and data management solutions for online brokerages, exchanges, benchmarking agencies, prop traders, financial websites, and startups. Through the partnership, dxFeed gains access to oneZero’s distribution network featuring over 200 makers and takers.

For oneZero’s clients this partnership offers access to low latency dxFeed data for multiple asset types (Forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, rolling futures, indices, commodities) with a high resolution to see every tick. Custom data packages comprising only instruments selected by the client offer increased flexibility and savings.

Brokers can request this data to be streamed in real-time, or order historical, delayed, charting aggregated, or calculated data. dxFeed calculated data includes cryptocurrency indices, custom indices based on client’s formulas and ideas, and custom calculations for existing industry indices.

dxFeed supports its market data delivery services 24/7 and maintains zero-loss of market data thanks to proprietary data recovery technology and full geo redundancy.

Andrew Ralich, CEO of oneZero Financial Systems, said, “We are excited to welcome dxFeed into oneZero’s EcoSystem. As a leading market data provider, our clients will benefit from their services.”

Oleg Solodukhin, CEO of dxFeed said, “Integration with oneZero’s EcoSystem is essential for the expansion of dxFeed’s multi-asset market data services into the largest global network of brokers, prime brokers, and hedge funds. oneZero’s support team is one of the best, providing high-quality service, which is the defining characteristic of everything we deliver.”