dxFeed/QDS 3.121 has been released to public.
Available at: /downloads/api/java/latest-release/
Important changes since 3.110 are:
  • Support for dynamic filters
  • dxFeed API: Greeks and other theoretical option values
  • dxFeed API: Add TheoPrice record and mapping
  • Introduction of  dxFeed JavaScript/WebSockets API
  • Introduction of  dxFeed JavaScript UI API for quote tables
  • dxFeed API: singleton DXFeed and DXPublisher instances with autoconfiguration and autoconnect
  • Adding AggressorSide flag to TimeAndSale and BidVolume with AskVolume fields to Candle.
  • dxFeed API: Support Candle alignment attribute (on midnight or on session)
  • dxFeed API: Expose implementation details of CandleSymbol via public constants