dxFeed/QDS 3.123 has been released to public.
Available at: /downloads/api/java/latest-release/
Important changes since 3.121 are:
  • dxFeed API: Option series and chains API
  • Efficient OrderBookModel has been implemented in dxFeed API to simplify handling of big order books (Full Order Depth, e.g. Nasdaq TotalView)
  • IPF: New transform language functions for date calculations
  • dxFeed API: Notification about changes in DXEndpoint connection state:
    • DXEndpoint.(add|remove)StateChangeListener methods are introduced.
    • DXEndpoint.awaitNotConnected and DXEndpoint.closeAndAwaitTermination are introduced to facilitate file parsing.
    • DataProcessor.hasMoreToProcess and signalNoMoreToProcess helper method are introduced in “qd-core” module to  facilitate implementation of closeAndAwaitTermination method.
    • Sample code for file parsing with the new methods is provided in samples.
  • dxFeed API: Misc performance optimizations for file parsing throughput, support .gz archived files
  • dxFeed API: Implement DXEndpoint.Role.STREAM_FEED for conflation-less file parsing
  • dxFeedViewer changes / installers are added for Win32/64, Linux and Mac
  • Samples have been modified, added and reorganized