dxFeed new data product

The final closing price on every exchange may differ from the price of the last trade because of corrections and adjustments made by the exchange itself. To help our customers to identify all stages of the closing price value, dxFeed introduces a new product that provides an official closing price per exchange. It allows tracking all changes from the market close to the adjustments of corporate actions.

With this product, analysts can identify:

  • The reasons behind the differences between the final closing price and the market’s last trade price

  • The frequency that exchanges perform corrections of the closing price with

  • The ways the closing prices get adjusted if a corporate action happens.

The data is delivered daily in three files:

  • Non-adjusted closing prices equal to the price of the last trade happened on the market
  • Official closing prices declared by the exchange at the end of the trading day
  • Final closing prices formed by the exchange as it incorporates the effect of a corporate action into the official closing price

As a part of this product, dxFeed also provides additional data, providing more power for analysis and investigation:

  • Paid dividends
  • Split adjustment factor per instrument