2023 will likely go down in history as the year that AI truly broke into the public consciousness. Of course, AI has long been a part of our global imagination. The promise that our machine offspring would one day become indistinguishable in their intelligence and capabilities from us, even surpassing us, has often seemed like it was just within our grasp. What 2023 seems to have added to these AI dreams is a growing sense of certainty among the public that AI is finally coming of age.

From Search to Artificial Intelligence 

Almost a generation ago, search became an invaluable online tool. Without it the overwhelming volumes of data that were being uploaded to the World Wide Web every day would’ve been impossible for anyone to find. What search did is tame this overabundance, making it accessible and easy to navigate. At the time, it was clear that lists, indices, and tables of content — the strategies that had hitherto been used to catalog information and make it searchable by human beings — were no longer sufficient in the burgeoning information age.

Today, we come face to face with the next generation’s version of this problem. Rather than static web pages, we live in a world of unceasing streams of sub-second data, describing everything from the changing fortunes of capital markets to the habits, preferences and movements of almost 8 billion people. Today we require new kinds of capabilities to aid us in making sense of the universe of data that we find ourselves immersed in.

Enter dxFeed Spotlight  

At dxFeed, it’s our business to harness, process, and store enormous volumes of market data, which is why it was immediately apparent to our engineers that the killer app of this new generation of AI software would be in assisting human beings to make sense of these unremitting petabytes of data.

While we expect AI-assisted search to find its way into all walks of human life, much like the word “Google” eventually became a verb for almost everyone, we nevertheless forged ahead in an attempt to apply these insights to our own domain.

The result of this research is dxFeed Spotlight, a specialized AI plugin that works in tandem with existing Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT to provide AI-generated news feeds, content creation, commentary, knowledge-graph based topic recognition, and AI-generated analyst ratings and reports with an abiding focus on markets. 

How it Works

If you’ve ever tried querying existing LLMs about anything even tangentially related to markets, you’ll undoubtedly have had the disappointing experience of being told that training data cuts off at some point in 2021, or been provided with the ubiquitous LLM equivocation that goes something like: “As an AI language model, I cannot…”

What dxFeed Spotlight does is harness the impressive capabilities of these LLMs to parse human language requests and synthesize responses from vast sources of data while providing them precisely what they lack — one of the most comprehensive resources of high-quality market data spanning all asset classes, including complete tick level historical data.

So, rather than asking AI about unusual options activity or trending sectors of the economy when most of what it has access to are WordPress blogs about how to make the crispiest kale chips, you can now rest assured that its responses will be based on institutional grade market data and insight.

dxFeed Spotlight allows this new generation of powerful AI tools to leverage all of dxFeed’s existing resources, creating the most comprehensive market-based news and information portal currently in existence. Whether it’s our market data, news sources, press releases, reference data, stock and unusual options scanners, or our comprehensive alerts systems, dxFeed Spotlight bolsters the achievements that have been made in AI research by providing these models with what are effectively market data superpowers.

Our data services provide the backbone, you provide the queries, and what’s produced out of the other side of this process are cogent, prescient, and accurate AI responses in the form of summaries, essays, bite-sized Twitter (X) style insights, knowledge graphs, consensus estimates of future data releases, and much more. 

Examples in the Spotlight 

Need to quickly be brought up to speed regarding a certain topic or person? Spotlight is able to summarize recent news and current events as they pertain to individual ticker symbols, asset classes, or broader markets. It can do the same thing for prominent individuals such as central bankers and company CEOs.

Beyond this, it can provide extremely valuable synopses of trending topics, assets, or individual symbols currently being discussed across a variety of social media platforms, allowing you to become a one-person sentiment analysis house. You’re only really limited by the ingenuity of the queries you make and the strategies you develop to elicit interesting responses from the system.

Furthermore, if you’re a market-based content creator, it can provide these insights in a format that’s most suitable to your preferred venue. Are you an essayist, a blogger, or a newsletter subscription service? Do you do your best work on social media? Spotlight is a tireless research intern that can synthesize and create volumes of valuable unique content for you designed specifically for the platform of your choice, allowing you to massively increase your reach, influence, and your output.

If you’re more concerned with having skin in the game and practicing as a market participant rather than being a provider of commentary, Spotlight is an entire research department all rolled into one. Effortlessly aggregate consensus estimates and analyst company ratings in advance of high-impact data releases and earnings calls, allowing you to position yourself accordingly each and every time. Escape from the fatigue of constant manual research and paralysis by analysis and free yourself to do what it is you do best in the market of your choice.

Spotlight also empowers you to convert reference and market data, news and social media information into human-readable knowledge graphs, allowing you to perform high level analysis in the search for insights and novel correlations. 

You Are Not Alone 

For those of you who favor the use of a more traditional GUI, Spotlight is available as a user-friendly web interface, as well as an HTTP-server with API access to the system’s machine learning model and natural language responses. Additionally, you can also use Spotlight directly from within Open AI’s ChatGPT user interface.

The portal itself has the look and feel of a traditional markets-based information platform, complete with its own AI-generated news feed, squawk box, and market-specific summaries detailing all the most pertinent events in your chosen categories.

For a more bespoke experience you can also use the system’s natural language bot to find the most appropriate tools and data streams pertaining to your interests, style of analysis, and chosen asset classes. In this way you can customize your own home screen in a manner that’s completely unique to you.

The system truly has to be used to be believed. If you experienced that special lightbulb moment as so many have when first interacting with ChatGPT, be prepared for a floodlight, or more accurately a Spotlight moment when you first experience what we’ve been busy working on at dxFeed.

We invite you to get your hands on the system and put it through its paces. You will not be disappointed.

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