dxFeed announced the successful completion of its Chicago data center migration project. The firm has seamlessly moved from CH1 to CH2 within the same 350 E Cermak Equinix facility, with no service interruptions for dxFeed remote clients.

“This year, dxFeed was honored to get the Best Infrastructure Provider status. This obliges us to comply, so we started the Chicago data center migration project to address the growing demands of dxFeed clients and enhance our innovative solutions,” said Oleg Solodukhin, CEO at dxFeed.

The project involved a series of technical improvements aimed at streamlining operations, increasing capacity by 5x, and ensuring the highest level of security standards. All of these enable dxFeed to accommodate further upgrades and support ongoing initiatives, including: the establishment of a dedicated OPRA processing ticket factory, hybrid cloud and on-premise B2B2C solutions, enhanced security measures in line with industry best practice, and the adoption of physical separation to reduce complexity.

In response to industry requirements, dxFeed also added new network infrastructure devices to support the expansion of OPRA 96-lines and facilitate load splitting and separation. These enhancements have significantly improved the company’s ability to handle large volumes of data and ensure optimal performance for its clients.

Professional coordination and collaboration between dxFeed’s hardware, network, applications, Equinix teams, and dedicated client support enabled a smooth transition, with the final step completed in just one day. Remote clients experienced no service interruptions as dxFeed’s NY facility seamlessly substituted US data sources and services during the period of interruption.

The company will continue its infrastructure expansion journey with similar enhancements for NY4/NY5 next year to strengthen dxFeed infrastructure capabilities further, allowing for even greater scale and agility.

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