Tamara Magel, the Managing Director of dxFeed Germany’s subsidiary and a rising star in the world of finance, has secured her place as a finalist at the prestigious European Women in Finance Awards. The anticipation is building as the financial industry eagerly awaits the announcement of winners at the grand EWIF ceremony in London on September 28th.

This distinguished awards ceremony spans the buy-side, sell-side, and all facets of the financial sector, aiming to acknowledge influencers and celebrate trailblazers. With a broad spectrum of categories, the European Women in Finance Awards ensures that women in all roles, even those often overlooked, are given the recognition they truly deserve for their remarkable achievements.

Tamara leads the Planning & Control department and despite exceptionally challenging circumstances last few years, she managed to motivate every person on the dxFeed team to achieve incredible results.

Tamara initiated and managed the launching of the dxFeed Trust Center in 2022 and keeps developing it in 2023. This launch aimed to centralize the resources addressing compliance and security for clients’ self-service exploration and delivery. Also, Tamara managed dxFeed’s recent SOC 2 Type 2 audit. This is an excellent example of how Tamara asserted her constant pursuit of operational excellence.

In addition, Tamara has set up the strategic goals management approach for the whole dxFeed business, which brought the organization to the next maturity level, increasing business and operational transparency and allowing the organization to focus on the most crucial process, business, and technological directions.

Stay tuned as Tamara Magel, along with other outstanding women in finance, eagerly anticipates the moment of triumph at the forthcoming awards ceremony.

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